The North American Computer Go Championship

The first Computer Go Tournament in the US was organized by Peter Langston as part of the 1984 Usenix conference. Programs ran on the same Unix machine, and communicated through a referee program that he wrote. The Usenix computer go competition continued until 1988.

In 1988 and 1989, the North American Computer Go Championship was held as a regional preliminary competition for the Ing World Computer Go Congress. David Fotland organized it from 1990 to 2000. Peter Drake organized it in 2008.

The US Computer Go Competition had cash prizes. In 1996, the prizes were: 1-$1,000, 2-$500, 3-$300, 4-$200. In 1997 similar prizes will be awarded, along with $100 for 5th place, and $200 for the best new entry. Prize money wass only available to programs written by US or Canadian residents or citizens.

Competition Rules

Results of North American Computer Go Championships

1984 - Usenix, Salt Lake City, Utah
1985 - Usenix, Portland, Oregon
1988 - Usenix
1988 - UC Berkeley, Berkeley, California
1989 - Rutgers U, New Jersey
1990 - Denver, Colorado
1991 - Rochester, New York
1992 - Willamette U, Salem, Oregon
1993 - Holyoak, Massachusetts
1994 - Washington, DC
1995 - Seattle, Washington
1996 - John Carroll U, Cleveland, Ohio
1997 - Lancaster, Pennsylvania
1998 - Santa Fe, New Mexico
1999 - San Francisco, California
2000 - Denver, Colorado
2008 - Portland, Oregon Results

David Fotland The Many Faces of Go--12311421111112
Gnugo teamGnugo-------------2-1
Ken ChenGo Intellect---112221-------
Anders KierulfSmart Go------------232-
Kao Kuo YuanStone-----3-1--------
Martin MuellerExplorer---------22-3---
Bruce WilcoxRiscigo/Ego--------3/4-------
Bruce WilcoxNemesis12232536--------
Lynn BeusContender---6-44-3/4-------
Art McGrathPrototype------63--------
Howard LandmanPoka---4--55-33---3-
Jim GundersonPetronius-------7-4------
William NewmanCrithith------------4---
Gary BoosTeamgo---------54254--
Peter DudeyFumiko------7---------
Herb EndertonGolem---5------------
Ken SchattenGo Guru---7------------
B. LadendorfTsunami---8------------
Ken Freidenbach?--5-------------
Bruce EllisGoanna23--------------
Peter Langstonogo35--------------
Peter Langstonoog-1--------------
Hank DietzJim4---------------

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