Igo for DOS Software Download

Igo is a 9x9 free version of Many Faces of Go for DOS. Play go against the computer with great graphics. It includes the Go Tutorial from The Many Faces of Go, so it is a good program to give a beginning go player.

If you have Windows-95, Windows-98, or Windows-NT, you should get Igowin instead.

This is free copyrighted software. You may give it away or sell it. I encourage others to put it on their web page for download. You are not allowed to modify it, and if you make copies, you must include all of the component files.

Click here to download igo.zip . This is a zip file and includes the igo.exe executable, the grain.bmp wood grain bitmap, and readme.txt. It's about 250KB. After download, unzip it and run igo.exe.

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