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Buy The Many Faces of Go Version 12 Registration Codes directly from Smart Games by check or through PayPal.

Download Many Faces Version 12 Free Trial, install it, and run it. It will display a product ID and ask for a registration code. Email the Product ID to, along with your full name, to get a registration code. I will email you a registration code, usually within 24 hours. This purchase entitles you to registration codes for all computers you own or use. Each computer has a different Computer ID. Please email each ID to get a registration code for each new computer.

Click here to buy Version 12 - $89.95.

If you already own Version 11.

Upgrading customers must provide proof of purchase of Version 11. If you purchased Version 11 from Smart Games or mailed us your registration card I already have a record of your purchase. Otherwise please include your telephone number in the paypal message, and I will call to verify that you have Version 11 installed on your computer.

Click here to upgrade from Version 11 to Version 12 - $49.95.

Why did I switch to a download instead of a CD-ROM? The download has many advantages. First, it is less expensive for you since there is no shipping charge, and for California residents, no sales tax. Second, I can fix bugs or make improvements and you can download the updates immediately, without waiting for a new major Version. The program includes a menu item on the Internet Menu to check for updates. This kind of update is free. Third, you can get the program immediately, rather than waiting a week. Fourth, I can provide a free trial so you can see how it looks before you buy it. Each registration code is tied to a specific computer, but your purchase is forever. If you buy a new computer or upgrade your operating system, just send me e-mail and I'll send you a new code for free.

If you do find a bug or have a suggestion for improvement, please e-mail. I appreciate your input.

Buy The Many Faces of Go Version 11 directly from Smart Games by check or through PayPal. (Usually ships the next business day.)

$49.95 - Version 11.0 CD (while supply lasts)
$5.00 - postage and handling in USA
$10.00 - international postage and handling

California residents must include local sales tax.

Buy Many Faces of Go, Version 11: $49.95