The Many Faces of Go, version 11.0

"The Many Faces of Go, version 12", two time gold medalist at the ICGA 2008 computer go championship, is now available as free trial download. Buy it to get registration keys to unlock the full functionality.

"The Many Faces of Go, version 11" (released in 2002) was the 2002 World Computer Go Champion, 1998 World Computer Go Champion, and ten time US Computer Go Champion. At the time it was one of the strongest Computer Go opponents in the world, and had many other great features including an integrated IGS client so you can play on the internet. A sophisticated set of go problems and a Joseki tutor helped you improve your game.

Many Faces of Go 11 is no longer on sale or supported. To try Many Faces of Go version 12, please download the free trial, by following the link at the top of the page. If you already have version11, there is a half price upgrade to version 12.

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Many Faces of Go screenshot

Download a free 9x9 go program based on The Many Faces of Go.